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Story Teller Bundle - Nov 11, 2017
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Art journal- Day 3 - 16th Sept 2017
(Art of Printmaking & Phototransfer)
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Double Shell Canvas: Art treasure
This whole class is about not limiting ourselves, using the unique metal embellishments and all scraps, creating rich textures and compositions with Paints, Color Blooms, Sprays, Rust Pastes and Prima's Art Extravagance Pastes! It's such great fun to see how simple objects get transformed when you create rough surfaces and rich textures. You can select your own y color palette that moves your heart in this project. (Project level : Intermediate-advanced) 

Do you want to know how to make an art journal but not sure where to start? 
Art journaling can be great for your soul, but taking that first step of putting your thoughts on paper can be intimidating. 
Our Art journal mini 3-day series workshop from the course " GRUNGE FEST II- MIXED MEDIA" will come to the rescue! In this workshop you will create 4 great completely instructed art journal and 2 shell canvas with detailed manuals and you will fall in love with mixed media art journaling techniques—like spritz resists, doodling, turning scraps into antique treasures, stamping, use of white space—not to mention the great tips and art journaling prompts you’ll use for the “writing” part of your journaling! Each journal layout will be unique focussing the application of 2-3 mediums and some quick easy techniques to add a zing to your page! You’ll be teaching your friends how to make amazing art journal pages before you know it!


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